The evolution of the industrial sector at par with the technological advancements

The evolution of the industrial sector with time is very fascinating historical evidence that technology can indeed change the course of history. There are basically four waves of industrial revolution. Each revolution came into fruition by the advancements in industrial technology. Each of these revolutions can be characterised by one key invention of that time. For example, the first industrial revolution started in the eighteenth century in England. This first revolution is characterised by the introduction of machines in the industrial sector. The second wave of revolution is characterized by the implementation of electricity as the main power source for the industrial machines in place of the steam power. The third wave is characterized by the implementation of the computer based systems and machines in the industrial sector. The current wave of industrial revolution which is also known as the industry 4.0 is characterized by the introduction and implementation of artificial intelligence system.

The advancements that have been made during the fourth wave of industrial revolution

The industry 4.0 is one of the most recent advancements if you plot the development in a historical perspective. In the age of industry 4.0 technologies are capable of undertaking any work that a normal worker can do. These new technologies are more than capable of not only undertake any job in an industrial setup but to do it in less time and with great precision. The major technologies that have helped this generation of revolution to occur are time sensitive networking, industrial iot technology, etc. All these technologies are making it easier for the industries to reduce human labour which is not only slow and imprecise but also expensive. So in a way industry 4.0 is concerned with making the industrial sector an automated one.

Know more about the industry 4.0 technologies in Thailand

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