Profitable and effective workplace with effective automation system

Remarkably large numbers of industries across the globe have started realizing the positive impact automation can have on productivity, safety and quality. Servo motors are one such technological innovation which are small, have built-in control circuitry and have good power for their size. Nowadays servo motors (เซอร์ โว มอเตอร์ which is the term in Thai) are widely used in various applications such as Robotics, Conveyor Belts, Camera Auto Focus, Robotic Vehicle, Solar Tracking System, Metal Cutting & Metal Forming Machines, Woodworking/CNC, etc. to closed-loop motion control systems where angular position, speed and torque can be very accurately controlled.

Worth investment

Servo motor is good investment that will incredibly enhance the efficiency of your business. There are ample of benefits that you can expect from the high performance servo motor

  • High output power relative to motor size and power
  • Encoder determines accuracy and resolution.
  • Resonance and vibration free operation
  • High efficiency
  • There is no out-of-step condition, as heavy load placed on the motor the driver will increase the current to the motor

Invest time

Sizing a servo system and selecting a motor for your machine is quite different. When planning to buy servo motor never take random decision otherwise you can find difficulty in tuning, will not get expected accuracy or have to compromise with the underwhelming performance. Some of the aspects that need to be considered beforehand are

  • Check environmental factors and required voltage
  • Define what the application’s motion profile looks like
  • Find out how much torque the motion application needs
  • Calculate the motion system’s optimal inertia ratio
  • Determine what kind of servo gearing will work

Get proper training

For smooth operation of the any automation device proper training is required. Hence most of the reliable industrial automation manufactures offer full support and training to their clients. Read the reviews of the manufacturer in the reliable forum and go through the product specification before taking any decision.

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