How to effectively use videos in social media marketing

Video content has become an integral part of marketing strategy which means it is more important than ever to make sure it’s executed effectively and professionally. There are a few best practices to social media videos that will drive engagement across all platforms.

The public relations professionals at Adoni Media have their top tips on how to effectively tailor videos for social media marketing.

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Add subtitles to videos

Most people will view videos without sound as they scroll through their social media feed. Adding subtitles will grab the attention of your viewers and ensure your messaging is effectively communicated even if people don’t listen to your videoto the audio.


Optimise for mobile

This is one of the most important tips for creative effective videos for social media. You need to make sure your videos are optimised for mobile so they can be easily viewed on multiple devices. Social media is mainly consumed through mobile devices, particularly Instagram, which is not designed for desktop, so it is important to create videos that will communicate the same messages across multiple platforms. 


Keep it short and simple

Short, simple videos will keep your audience engaged from start to finish. Think about the messages you are trying to convey and the most effective ways to get your audiences to stop pause what they’re doing, stop scrolling and watch your video. The first few seconds of your video are the most important – some experts say you have as few as three seconds to catch the viewer’s attention – so , so find ways to engage your audience from the beginning.


Be unique and creative 

Be creative and find quirky, unique ways to create video content that will engage with your viewers. Your audience should know what the video is in the first couple of seconds with a hook that draws them in immediately. If the purpose of your video isn’t clear from the start, your audience will have no reason to keep watching. Experiment with different types of video content such as:

  • Instructional videos 
  • Graphics 
  • Interviews (with multiple people or just one person to the camera)
  • Animations.
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