Cultivate your own patch of earth with right gardening approach

In today’s fast and hectic lifestyle everyone needs a place to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Most of the modern condos which are located at the heart of the city offer spacious private room with adequate space for condo balcony garden (จัดสวนระเบียงคอนโดwhich is the term in Thai). If you are plants lover and feel happy to be connected with nature then you can easily transform your boring balcony into an exciting and peaceful space with flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc. Today when whole world is fighting against novel coronavirus pandemic you can promote good health and wellbeing of your entire family by adding greenery to your balcony.

Plan properly

Living in condo comes with lots of spark compared to other residential options such as freehold home, apartment, cottage, etc. and thus the condo living is becoming popular among busy professionals, elderly person, students, etc. If you want condo balcony garden but at the same time think it might be difficult, confusing and time-consuming then before jumping into the project consider certain aspects such as

  • Location of your balcony and sunlight exposure
  • Type of plants you want to grow
  • Time and effort you need to dedicate for maintain the garden
  • Availability of water, soil, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.
  • Amount of wind or cold the plants will get exposed to
  • Money you are ready to spend on the garden

Induce positive energy

Apparently, with the beautiful, flourishing and calm balcony garden you can instantly balance the harmony and peace in your life. Nowadays as majority of population is working from home you can choose balcony garden as your workspace and stay productive during the working hours.

Choose the right decoration

There are ample of condo balcony garden decoration options such as vertical garden, Minimalist condo garden landscaping, Upcycled Garden, The Hanging Garden, Deck Balcony, Rail Garden, etc. Hence choose the best that suits your lifestyle, personal décor goal and budget and enjoy fresh air and greenery.

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