When is the best time to buy followers for instagram success?

Starting a new Instagram account from scratch can seem daunting trying to get those initial followers. The harsh reality is that Instagram’s algorithm makes it difficult for new accounts with low followings to gain visibility and traction. Buying a chunk of followers early on when launching an account can help you overcome this initial struggle.  Having an existing following signals to the algorithm that your account is worthy of being shown to others. This makes it more likely your content will start getting engagement from real users, rather than just sitting unseen.

As your account grows over time, buying another batch of followers can amplify the major milestones you hit. For example, when nearing 10,000 or 100,000 followers, purchasing additional followers can push you over that threshold. Hitting these types of key follower milestones generates buzz and interest in your account. Other important milestones like launching a new product, rebranding your business, or partnership announcements are also great times to boost your followers. The follower spike complements your major announcement or campaign, making the impact even bigger. Timing your purchased followers with these pivotal brand moments helps maximize their value.

Use followers to promote specific products

Do you have a new product launching or promotion you want to gain maximum visibility for on Instagram? Tactically buying instagram followers from Famoid during the launch period can expose your product to more users and help drive sales.  Promotions for specific products or services often require their separate push, beyond your general account following. Buying niche-specific followers during these campaigns gives your product the focused spotlight it needs amongst ideally matched audiences. The additional visibility drives traffic and conversions at the time you need it most.

Buy followers to regain momentum

It’s natural for Instagram accounts to have occasional lulls where engagement and growth stagnate. Whether due to algorithm changes or losing steam on your content strategy, rebounds are common. Buying followers during these lull periods helps re-inject momentum back into your account.  The influx of new followers signals to the algorithm that your account is lively. This re-ignites real user engagement and gets your content circulating again. Timed properly, buying followers to regain momentum after a slow period acts as a catalyst to boost your account back up. It takes advantage of the downward dip to slingshot activity upwards again.

Increase followers leading up to a launch date

Have a major product launch, event announcement, or campaign slated for a future date? Buy followers leading up to the fixed launch date to build anticipation and awareness. Much like a teaser trailer for a movie, gradually increasing your followers gets people curious and primes them for the big reveal.  Building your follower count ahead of a major launch also ensures your announcement has maximum impact from day one. A kickoff post will reach a wider audience and get more engagement thanks to your expanded follower base. The momentum continues as more real users jump on board after your launch goes live.

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