5 Reasons Why Asia Loves Slot Machines So Much

Year on year the gambling industry seems to be growing and (although we may not realise) becoming part and parcel of our everyday lives. We see gaming companies advertising on the T.V, buildings, billboards and sponsoring our teams’ shirts. Gambling has become an activity in our daily lives and is no longer only associated with the rich and famous that it formally was.

One of the main reasons for this is the introduction of the slot machine back in the 1960’s. Due to most Asian country’s gambling laws, automatic slots were not allowed in pubs and bars, however, a little adjustment to the nature of the game and there was the loophole the gaming industry was looking for. Enter the ‘Nudge’ button; it has now gone from a game of chance to a game of skill. Exciting!

Why exactly did they catch on and year after year they had their own personal spot in the corner of your favourite ale house?

The following 5 points will make you understand the attraction of ‘Fruities’ in British culture that have made their way over to Asia as xo slot games!

1. A Small Investment Can Have a BIG Reward

The Fruit Machine comes in all shapes and sizes with a variety of payouts – £5 up to £500! For an investment as low as £0.05, you could turn that into £500! Not bad for less than 5 minutes work and all at the push of a button.

2. The Working Man’s Game

It’s fair to say that gambling has been a predominantly male dominated environment. Traditionally it would be the man of the house going to work and the woman who would have the task of keeping the house in order. The pub is a usual port of call on the way home from work, so what better place for a man to live out his dreams of riches than in his local pub. Having a beer and getting rich doing it! In today’s society more and more women are following suit and reaping the rewards too! Fun for all!

3. Social Entertainment

People who frequent the pub will often have a cluster of friends that they are comfortable with. These friends will drink and laugh together and also enjoy the odd flutter. For as little as a pound or two, they have the opportunity to get more for their money. What would have been several spins can now turn into a few dozen. A great way to get the most for your money and, better yet, keep the party going!

4. Simple, Good Old-Fashioned Fun!

It’s the simple things in life that we often enjoy and with competition so high in such a rapidly growing industry, gaming companies are constantly updating their machines with new features, lights and sounds and also up to date themes that will keep the player entertained for hours. The company does all the work to keep you entertained!

5. You CAN Gain an Advantage

Seasoned Pros of a slot machine will be able to tell you many a story and offer tips and tricks in order for you to be able to gain an advantage. They have played for so long that they recognize patterns and plays that lead to a higher chance of paying out with the minimum amount required. It sounds almost too good to be true, but when a machine has a guaranteed payout (usually being a minimum of 70% up to 80%) it only makes sense that patterns can be recognized and you can gain a greater chance of success. Time to study!

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