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What happened to WPIX's Circle 11 logo?

This logo is similar in design to the one used by KARE in Minneapolis-St.Paul. During the station's broadcast of the 1994 New York City Marathon that November, WPIX retired the "Circle 11" logo once again and introduced a new logo that would be used during the station's run as an affiliate of The WB, which would launch on January 11, 1995.

When did WPIX get the WPIX logo back?

The logo was brought back in 2013 on WPIX's Antenna TV subchannel (modified as "11.2 Alive"). 1982–1984 1984–1986

When did WPIX become the WB11?

On January 11, 1995 WPIX became a charter affiliate of The WB Television Network, becoming one of the de-facto flagship stations of the network through parent Tribune Company's minority stake in the network as THE WB11. The logo introduced in 1994 was then modified to include The WB's logo to reflect the change.

What channel is WPIX on?

Originally signed on the air on June 15, 1948 as an independent station on VHF channel 11, WPIX was one of the only two stations founded by the broadcasting division of the Chicago-based Tribune Company alongside flagship station WGN-TV .

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