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Who is wpits?

We are a highly innovation driven company specializing in end to end technology enablement and management for our customers globally. WPITS has a significant presence in geographies like Indian Subcontinent, Rest of Asia, Middle East and Africa.

What happened to WTHK WPST?

WPST's contemporary hit radio format moved from 97.5 to 94.5 on February 14, 2005 at 5pm. At the same time, WTHK's programming moved to 97.5, which had been approved to move its community of license to Burlington, New Jersey, closer to Philadelphia. [13]

Is WPST available online?

In addition to a standard analog transmission, WPST is available online. On August 7, 1965, 94.5 signed on as WTTM-FM. It was owned by the Scott Broadcasting Company, Inc. of New Jersey and was the adjunct to WTTM (920 AM). [6]

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