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Which wpc16 form to use with wpit18 agent dashboard?

WPC16 complete Form Agent WPC16 Dashboard, SL618 Full version that is part of the WPC16 form to use with WPC16 form for WPIT18 Agent Dashboard, with a completed form that is compatible with WPIT18.

How many attendees were at wpc16?

A four-day conference, over 16,000 attendees, along with many demos and conversations – here is the summary of our WPC16 experience! WPC16 kicked off with the announcement of Microsoft and General Electric’s (GE) collaboration.

Where can I find official WPC information and forecasts?

For official WPC information and forecasts, please refer to the operational WPC website . Mesoscale Precipitation Discussion #0695 is currently in effect. WPC releases new experimental homepage! Feedback is appreciated.

What's new in WPC's extreme precipitation forecast?

On August 1, 2016, changes were introduced to WPC's excessive rainfall outlook, including the addition of a Marginal risk area and shading to the web graphics. Learn about a new forecast tool: Extreme Precipitation Forecast Tool Webinar (19 minutes). WPC releases informative webinar about its precipitation forecast program (42 minutes).

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