How To Make Money In A Bear Market?

The how to make money with the stock market down, it’s a matter of knowing options as values in short sales and investing bare. This is the way to earn money from a  bear market.

Bear Market is (Bear Market คือ ,which is the term in Thai)In the stock market, you can always make money up or down, and you have to see the opportunities presented by the market and read the scenario through stocks, bonds, indices, and raw materials, and other indicators.

There are options to invest and earn money when the stock market falls:

  • Short Sales
  • Credit sale
  • Bare sales
  • Bearish positions
  • Futures
  • Warrants
  • Options
  • CFDs
  • Among others

What Products To Invest And Make Money With The Bear Market?

While we must know how to differentiate short sales, credit sales, and short sales, and other options, the investor is always looking for opportunities to earn money in a   bullish or bearish market trend. Luckily there are values ​​to invest when opening a bearish position.

Some products can surf the market and others in which speculation does not affect the  prices  of such products as:

Products surfing in the market

  • Short sale, short sale or credit sale
  • Futures (indirectly)

Derivative products that do not affect the value of the quote

  • CFDs
  • Options
  • Warrants

What Is Getting Short Or A Short Sale?

It is to anticipate some forecast or movement that could affect the downward value of the share, so if they do not buy stocks, they will sell them and then repurchase them at some time and obtain the difference that is generated between selling them and the repurchase them.

In other words, they can be put in bearish with an action that can be quoted at 800 dollars. To open a bearish position,  you must request “that they are lent” such actions to begin shortly. Then they must sell the shares for $ 800.

If such shares fall to $ 400, and they bought the shares at $ 400. Then they must return the shares to the broker that lent them and the profit obtained is 400 dollars in profit for each share, although the interest agreed upon must be deducted

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